I always believe that people around me in a multiplex, in coffee shops, in bank queues, in a changing room queue…. any and everywhere primarily fall into 2 broad categories. The ones who view life as a quadrilateral and ones who see life as an irregular polygon.

People who are in the Quadrilateral Category (QC) are the ones who have taken the safe path all their life. They were always good children, good students, good executives, good managers, good husbands, good fathers, good citizens……… oh lord they are saccharine!

People who are in the Irregular Polygon Category(IPC) are the one who have had wonderful lives (in their opinion, not the people around them)……… they were last benchers, always late to class, regularly irregular in college, chose careers that no one dared, did crazy things of which others were scared……. the bad guys!

Now the funny thing is that many people started off as IPCs and then due to peer pressure, societal pressure, pressure from better halves they have transmogrified into QCs. And after the metamorphosis they love to claim that they were always QCs to begin with. 😀

Nonetheless, the endearing feature about IPCs is that they have looked at life from a different angle. Rather they never believed in angles (remember irregular polygons have weird angles)….. they just looked at life from their own kaleidoscope. I don’t just say so, I know so. Knowing an IPC is nice but being one is nicer. 🙂

QCs have their own plusses, no doubt. They always have had the confidence of their parents, always known what to do and how to do it, known their limits in any activity and hence never gone overboard. Simply put they are stable.

Instability in a lever is what causes the fulcrum to give way for the lever to bend in a direction. Ummmmm…….what was that? :O Nah. Its not copied…. fully original. 🙂

What I mean is that the IPCs are the ones who look beyond the edge of a cliff, who think where others stop thinking, who took pleasures in the small things in life……. flowers, an omlette, a toffee, hell even playing on a swing. Most IPCs don’t make it very big in life but be it Steve Jobs who got kicked out of Apple Inc. in 1985 or P.K. (somebody I know who has one hell of a different perspective of life) who barely works, they all have one thing in common……. they all live their life on their own terms, out of the ‘out of the box’ funda.

At a time of untimely, inevitable death a QC would be worried because he/she has a lot more to do in life and pray to a lord he/she may not even believe in. 😀 An IPC on the other hand would think, ‘I sure have many things yet to be done but i’ve already done so many things in life’.

So, i’ll head toward ending this post since its too long and rather senseless. 😀

If you were told you will die tomorrow and if you think you have done nothing in life – you’re a QC.

But if you think you have life a fulfilling,enriching life with varied experiences – you’re an IPC.

So, which one are you?


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