All play and no work

My exams got over recently and I have a 25 day holiday. Instead of spending time sleeping, loafing around with friends, eating all the time(done soo much of all of these for 24 years) I thought of spending time more fruitfully.

I’m currently interning at an A-listed advertising agency, which is the premier advertising arm of a rather gigantic European advertising and communications company.

Day one was hilarious. I went dressed in formals and a tie, shoes shined and clean shaven. Since it was my first day in the agency, I had no idea what ‘actually’ people in an agency are like. Heard a lot, but never believe what you hear. Rumour it may be.

I was introduced by an HR person to my boss. For a creative director he was creatively dressed…..denims, a royal blue tee with yellow lettering, aquamarine socks and orange shoes. Gosh! This was going to be fun I thought. He immediately informed me that I could wear any kind of clothes(shorts, 3/4ths, sleeveless et all) and that formals were reserved for the rather boring client servicing varities.

Throughout the day I got the weirdest stares from all around me……I was the only bugger in formals and a tie. Later in the day the COO came in and he was dressed in jeans and a tee. I really felt like an idiot.

Anyway, its my 4th day at the agency today. So ,far i’ve noticed some things which most offices would not have:

1) The art director nearby has been playing Need For Speed for 3 straight days. All top bosses stop by his table and race with him turn by turn everyday.

2) The Vodafone Zoozoo ads are playing on atleast 3 computers at any given time and atleast one of them has the volume turned on loudly so that the zoozoo laugh can be heard throughout the floor. Then everyone starts laughing for no reason. :O

3) Post 3:00 p.m. nobody does anything on this floor. Everyone just looks for excuses to go to the canteen, go for a smoke, play Need for Speed, drink coffee, walk around the floor and chat with every other person, sing songs for the floor etc.

4) The use of the word ‘fcuk’ is appreciated every 20 seconds.

5) Weird clothes(I mentioned my boss….imagine other jokers) and weirder hairdos.

6) Many desks have atleast one bottle of booze on it. The one I sit at(belongs to some joker….who quit so that I could get his desk 🙂 ) has a Jack Daniel’s (and also a calendar of nude beauties). Another one a few paces has a collection of Absoluts.

Having said all of the above, the agency happens to one of the largest agencies worldwide. They have clients in FMCG, healthcare, information technology, banking, paints and even motor vehicles. They recently won 2 awards at the 2009 CLIO and 1 at the Yahoo Uncannies.

I really wonder now who coined that silly term, ‘No pain, no gain’. Far as I see this place follows the ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ phrase to an extreme. An extreme that only they understand and I wish to be able to understand.


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