Fiesta de Diwali

Usually I spend every Diwali at my uncle’s home in Bombay. Since they have an influx of people visiting them during Diwali and vice versa, they put up the traditional oil lamps, lantern, prepare sweets and snacks at home and there is a whole feeling of joy and festivity around.

We, being the other Kamats are the antithesis. I and my father are both the ‘I don’t care too much about culture’ and ‘I don’t care too much about religion’ kind. Poor mom has got used to this and coupled with her ‘not-so-enthusiastic in the kitchen anymore’ (I don’t quite blame her…she’s cooked enough in her life), we’ve not had this feeling of festivity for the last 10 years (no….I’m not kidding). So, this October of 2009 when she announced that she was going to make all sweets and snacks, invite people over etc. we all pitched in and did out bit. Somebody got the lantern, somebody got the lamps and so on.

I’ve had so much of fun in these last 4-5 days visiting people, having people come over, the home looking gorgeous and so on…….I can’t believe what I must’ve missed out on for so many years. I probably always thought of being all modern and sophisticated and what not….never knew this side of me. Part of growing up I guess. So, I thought I’ll just share some pictures of my latest experience with the festival of lights with my readers. I’m sure they’re tired of my inconsistent posting habits (Pixie gave me an award for this! Yippee!) and that too about friendly banters and being unloved and what not. So, here goes……

P.S.: The pictures are displayed as thumbnails here. Clicking on the thumbnail will take you to Picasa where you can see them in a larger size.

From Diwali 2009
From Diwali 2009
From Diwali 2009
From Diwali 2009
From Diwali 2009
From Diwali 2009
From Diwali 2009

2 thoughts on “Fiesta de Diwali

  1. You know, even we’ve grown a little away from Diwali and all the fun that comes along with it. This however is mainly because, Diwali in my childhood was spent with cousins and extended family.
    It used to be absolute mayhem in the house. Fire-crackers would be bought weeks in advance and thousands would be spent on the same. Sweets and food were made in mammoth quantities and consumed in no time. Now however, adulthood has made us a little more aware of the hazards of fire-crackers and not only that, with adulthood came the inevitable moving away.
    My cousins are now scattered across the globe. We meet probably once in two years and that too during the months of June, July when festivities are at an all time low 😦

    Anyway…getting back to this post, I loved this Aneesh. It told me something more about you – sort of adds another dimension to your personality. I didn’t know you were of the gregarious kinds 😉

    Well, I still consider you as a bit of a lazy blogger, but hey, thats you right! 😉

    Happy blogging 🙂


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