That category called ‘boyfriend’

Women love making friends. They’re gregarious by nature (well most of them) and have a willingness to communicate with different people. Men on the other hand are too guarded and suspicious, to invite the pleasure of that seen-around-the-area face for healthy talk.

As school comes to its last legs, girls start like referring to themselves as young women and even begin believing that they think like women. A crucial aspect of this growing up includes interaction with members of the opposite sex, namely boys. Suddenly girls feel like talking to boys in an even tone, without thinking of them as ‘donkey’, ‘monkey’, ‘idiot’, ‘stupid’, etc. And over a period of time both sexes who were at loggerheads all through nursery and primary school, realize that the opposite sex can make interesting conversation as well. And yes, they look good too.

Attraction is a natural course of nature and most girls love the feel of the word ‘boyfriend’. They love the attention, the gifts, strong arms, stubbles, etc. Boys on the other hand are simply interested in boasting to other boys, about a pretty girl as being their arm candy. They think from within their briefs. Sad but true.

School gets over, college comes by, post-graduation happens and finally the first day at office. Boyfriends change, some give wonderful memories, some break hearts, some remain friends, some become enemies, some cease to exist while another kind resurfaces after a spell of absence. I would like to just throw up a random list of ‘kinds of boyfriends’.

The Lover:
‘I love you baby. I’ll always be there by your side.’

The Marriage Material:
‘I love you dear. We should make our families meet each other.’

The Unsure One:
‘I love you dear. I really do. Trust me.’

The User:
‘I love you too gorgeous. You are the most beautiful woman I’ve seen.’

The Dumper:
‘You know I love you, don’t you? It’s just that this is too complicated. I need to focus on my career right now.’

The Manipulator:
‘You’ve painted this? It’s incredible. The brush strokes, the colour combos, the contrast….just too beautiful. Did I ever tell you that you have pretty lashes?’

The Sex Maniac:
‘Oh come on! Of course I love you. Don’t waste time when your parents are out for just a while. Lets just do it.’

The Jealous One:
‘I saw you talking to Vicky the other day. Why were you talking to him? I’ve told you he just uses women. Listen to me please. I love you baby.’

The Supporter:
‘Go ahead sweetheart. I’m there with you. I’ll help you with all I can. You are going to win this debate. I love you.’

The Indifferent One:
‘Yes, this tee-shirt is looking good on you. Yes, this one too. And this one as well. Lets have lunch. I’m hungry.’

The Resurfacer:
‘I’m sorry. I know I was wrong. I panicked. Please give me another chance. I really love you.’

Apart from these ‘kinds of boyfriends’, there are always some chaps who have their own monologues too.

The trying-too-hard One:
‘What is the time?’
‘I like Shah Rukh Khan as well’
‘Do you like Mills n Boons?’
‘Awww…..what a cute kid’
‘Awww…..what a cute doggie’

The Direct Approach One:
‘Want to go for a cup of coffee?’

The boyfriend’s cronies:(to boyfriend)
‘Kya maal hai baap….isko toh patana padega boss.’

The Eternal Loser:
‘Can I borrow your notes please?’


6 thoughts on “That category called ‘boyfriend’

  1. i agree with this post totally… and i also think that sometimes these wonderful qualities miz in a certain percentage with pretty much every boyfriend… my first one was the lover, the unsure one, the user, the mnipulator, the sex maniac and the jealous one all at different points in time…


  2. There is a scientific reason why boys and girls hate each other while growing up ;as familiarity breeds disinterest. So later in life they discover each other in a sexual manner. Thats why sisters have no attraction to their brothers and vice versa. ( so the idiot, stupid and I hate u , turn into I love u.)


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