iL Caro – Part I

They both loved Chenin Blanc. The fruitiness, the tiny bubbles, the lingering finish. In fact one of their first meetings was at a wine tasting festival.

Their shared love transcended beyond the wine. And they decided to buy a vineyard in Italy. For the uninitiated, Italy produces more and better wines than France. And it has the highest per capita wine consumption in the world. Both had other interests too… for him and pasta for her.

Both were different, like chalk and cheese….well not quite….lets say like Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc. She was like Chenin Blanc, fruity, sweet, bubbly, rounded in her approach to relations…..inclusive. He was like the Sauvignon varietal….sweet in a very tiny dose, fresh with his ego and dry with his humour. Similar, yet dissimilar.

But the vineyard was important. So, they decided to work towards it together. They would work hard, make money, plan investments, take rational steps and finally win the coveted.

And so, they started running. They ran, ran, ran and ran. Even Asphrihanal Aalto would be put to shame. He always landed a few paces behind her considering his ambitions were tiny to begin with. But his male ego absorbed the fact that she was smarter than him. So, they never had differences over matters relating to greenbacks.

********************to be continued*****************************


3 thoughts on “iL Caro – Part I

  1. “finally win the coveted.” What? Or is that suspense for part II 🙂

    Clueless about wines & vineyards, but the girl binging on pasta and the guy having a photography hobby could point to a tragic future, certain things are best left undocumented …


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