iL Caro – Part III

Both took a deep breath….they were at the doorstep of the most beautiful villa they’d ever seen. It was their home. The door was made of the same chestnut wood as the rest of the villa. The knob was a bunch of polished metallic grapes fused together. She turned the knob slowly and stepped in. The sunrays filtering through the windows rested on the oak furniture in the living room. On a single wall was a large framed imitation of The Creation of Adam. In the left wall was a large recess and in it was built a lovely fireplace. This was home….she felt. The bedrooms were on split levels….two were down, while the master bedroom was upstairs. The master bedroom had an oak table, oak wardrobes and a huge four-poster bed.

Nightfall came. Both were tired with the day’s running around. She quickly stirred up a salad with some broccoli, zucchini, olives and bell peppers they had picked up from the local market, just before coming to the vineyard. They had a quiet dinner on the oak table that was meant for 4. And then they went upstairs. She slipped into her favourite Victoria’s Secret negligee while he stuck with his ‘uncle type’ lungi (like a sarong) as she called it. As they lay in bed a thought ran through her mind, ‘I hope this lasts forever’, as she tried to gulp the lump in her throat. He was wondering how long this was going to last.

They had been running so much in the last seven years that neither had realized that they were not running together. They’d been running in opposite directions. The last seven years had been a blotch on their personal lives. He used to say, ‘We need to have time first to manage it’. She traveled 12 days a month and he traveled 10 days. In the remaining 8 days of the month, they would have dinner twice together after completing the quota of client meetings, office dinners, etc. But neither would speak because they barely had anything in common to talk about, having not been there for each other for long. Both had really slogged to win this dream but had lost a lost in the bargain. Both knew but neither spoke. It was like staying with a person you once knew but no longer recognized and associated with.

********************to be continued*****************************


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