Willpower is mightier than the sword and the pen, together.

Whoever said ‘Where there is a will there is a way’ clearly didn’t have an easy life. In fact I won’t be surprised if the person had a bad childhood, had seen hungry days and had experienced poverty too. Probably he/she took control of their life a little earlier than most others and steered it out of troubled waters. The will to survive is present in all of us without exception. Why then, do we hesitate to exercise the same willpower to make life a better, fuller and richer (not necessarily monetarily) experience?

The real test of how strong we are is the way we handle ourselves and others around us, in times of great despair. Willpower is our sole companion while breaking free from problems. But, more often than not, there is a clash between willpower and patience. In times like these, experience counts to make a decision. In the absence of adequate experience, forecasting the future based on the severity of the current situation and then advancing with sheer intuition is the only solution. Remember, you always have a choice. Of course, be ready to face whatever consequence your decision may yield. Should it be in your favour, you’re likely to feel wise and enlightened. Should it not, then your old friend, our dear willpower will help you sail through the engineered mess.

Through all this, one often faces one of the most elusive puzzles – Do you make your choices or do your choices make you?


One thought on “Willpower is mightier than the sword and the pen, together.

  1. Your first sentence hit on something I have wondered about for a long time -the correlation between a pampered childhood devoid of hardships and a lack of determination & drive that it may cause into adulthood. But you are missing something in your question itself – many people don’t lack willpower, but they are perpetually greedy so its not easily possible for them to have a better, fuller and richer experience even with good success in life 🙂


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