Dilon Ke Darmiyaan

Do dilon ke darmiyaan
Ek samundar hai pyaar ka
Ek ehsaas hai ikraar ka
Us kinare tum ho intezaar me
Is kinare mein hoon laachar sa

Kyun na bane hum musafir
Jazbaaton ki kashti mein
Leheron ke sang badhe ik duje ki ore
Aur mile armaanon ke kinaare pe

Mehsoos karo meri betaabi ko
Mehsoos karo meri tanhayee ko
Baahon me gher lo mujhe aise
Lage ki meri zindagi ka koi astitva ho

Tumhare bina kaise kate yeh pal
Na mein jaanoon na hi khuda
Bas yeh dil jaanta hai
Ab lamhon me na hoga gham
Na yeh dhadkane hongi juda


9 thoughts on “Dilon Ke Darmiyaan

  1. Beautiful..!! I’m amazed at the fact that you composed this in hindi. My best line… “Baahon me gher lo mujhe aise… Lage ki meri zindagi ka koi astitva ho”.


  2. @Shabana: Looking forward to seeing you. 🙂

    @Ipsita: Thank you ma’am. Means much coming from a fellow writer.

    @Manita: You do know how much I love giving you surprises. One more!

    @Bhavna: Thanks a lot. Come down soon so I can ghero you in my baahen. 🙂

    @Aatya: I surprised myself too! 😀

    @Aditi: So, what did you think of when I told you I’d written a poem?

    @Hritik: Thank you sir. Wish my Hindi was really that good…would’ve been penning lyrics for films by now. 😀

    A reader informed me via email, that he felt that it was effective. He also thought that I started out to write a poem and got influenced by Hindi film lyrics or vice-versa. Since he didn’t leave it in the comments, I’m doing it on his behalf.


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