* Terms & Conditions Don’t Apply

Please Note: Some of my friends are a little hurt because their pictures are not included here. That’s simply because we have never clicked a single picture together. Always been there for each other. Doesn’t mean we don’t love each other to bits, does it? 😀

Ever since childhood I’ve been interacting with my parents’ friends. They had (still do) a long list of well-wishers and friends, who would drop in for coffee, dinner or a drink. Ones from out of town would invariably stay for a good week. Basically, I grew up in a home bustling with friends, laughter, fun and bonding. I remember, the first time I asked my father about how many years had he been friends with this uncle who had come for dinner, dad casually said, “20 years.” I was taken aback. At my tender age, it seemed like an entire lifetime. So, what makes some people stick with us through thick and thin, while others fade away and disappear in our memory maze?

Say Whiskey!

Say Whiskey!

My Rock - Bhav

My Rock – Bhav

Friendship comes with a lot of responsibility, unlike what most people would like to believe. Meeting new people is easy enough if you join a group, club, play a sport, etc. But maintaining a friend for life is bloody tough. And the single thing that binds people to us is if we accept them as they are. Without terms and conditions. Without judging them. A lot of my friends, my better half and even my parents are of the absolute opinion that I’m a nasty piece of goods. Sarcastic, blunt and unnervingly fastidious about everything. Let me admit, they’re not wrong. And yes, I’m pretty anti-social; I don’t let people in easily. Despite this terrible resume for friendship, I have been extremely fortunate to befriend some really lovely human beings.

My Superwoman - Mela

My Superwoman – Mela

My Mystery Man - Maddy

My Mystery Man – Maddy

My Fashion Goddess - Shabbu

My Fashion Goddess – Shabbu

Like most people, I’ve had a fair share of disagreements and fights with friends. The important thing, however, is to realise that winning an argument could actually be a big loss, hidden in plain sight. Forgiving and forgetting is never easy but it can take away a burden of the past, which may trouble your future. So, when I recently patched up with a once extremely close friend, after a misunderstanding we’d had 10 years ago, it felt amazing. And it gave me a solid perspective in ‘How to revive a dead friendship’.

My Mirror - Mann

My Mirror – Mann


My Sociology Teacher - Aditi

My Sociology Teacher – Aditi

My Hottie - Ruku

My Hottie – Ruku

If you have few or no friends, don’t blame the world. Introspect, keep an open mind and believe that people are essentially good. Trust me; you’ll never fall short of people who love you, exactly for who you are. Provided you accept them as they are.


18 thoughts on “* Terms & Conditions Don’t Apply

  1. You are a god gifted friend, to anyone and everyone who has been given the honor to be able to call you a ‘friend’. I havent been ‘in touch’ with you for a little more than two years now. And i am so much more poorer for that. I dont expect you to forgive me for all the idiocies i have done, but i do beg that you give me a chance to makeup for that. I am so very sorry.


  2. Apologies for the really late comment. I only just got WiFi at the new apartment… You sound so grown up 😉 And I love you to bits. Always have , always will… We need to catch up soon!


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