The Sum of Good Deeds

A few days ago I had been invited to a colleague’s place for dinner. After what had been a long day, filled with pending odd jobs from the week, I found myself dressed and behind the wheel of my Black Beauty. I was already late due to some eleventh hour household chores; and the venue was at the other end of the city. Since it was a Saturday night, I was prepared to encounter horrendous traffic jams and non-stop honking, that would put a PA system to shame. Hooking up my iPod to the music system, I got ready for a long ordeal of a drive. But what happened next made me impervious to every errant driver and car horn.

As I turned my car out of my lane, I encountered my first traffic jam. A serpentine line of cars and bikes were moving at a pace that would make a Sloth feel like a Cheetah. I didn’t find it amusing at all. “Bloody hell! Not so soon.” I said to myself. As I moved a little ahead, I saw the cause of the whole chaos. An anxious young woman, in a red Swift was trying to take a turn to join the other side of the road. That’s all. But not a single vehicle had the courtesy to stop and just let her pass. The moment I came to that junction, I stopped and let her pass. She rolled down her window, waved out to me and gave me a beaming smile; as she comfortably took the turn and zoomed away. This entire episode must’ve lasted for a grand 5 seconds, during which the cars behind me were honking crazily. It made me feel so good that I was able to make a complete stranger smile, with almost no effort. A short while thereafter, I stopped to let an old couple cross the road. They too, waved in acknowledgement and smiled at me. And I read the old man’s lips saying a polite ‘Thank You’.

The funny thing is that I did both these gestures out of a purely selfish motive – to make myself feel happy. Both these super short encounters made me so happy, that the rest of the drive became a cakewalk. And I would really like to believe that both, the young woman driver and the old couple must’ve gone back home feeling happy too. In fact, the next time they are in the same position that I was in, they’ll perhaps remember this episode; and act in the same fashion. Because the sum of all good deeds is good karma. As they say, what goes around comes around.



6 thoughts on “The Sum of Good Deeds

  1. You’re spot on Aneesh. Loved the piece. I relate 200% with it. It is amazing how a little gesture of courtesy on the road earns a smile, a wave, a thumbs up of gratitude and goodwill. I have experienced this myself a few times. I wish this benevolent virus spreads and everybody becomes just a wee bit considerate of other people on the road. 🙂


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