Soulmate Spotlight

The sound of someone’s inimitable laughter. A feeling of intense bonding. Experiencing your thoughts, emotions and sometimes even actions emerge from another body. Feeling a warm tear slowly escape your lachrymal glands, as you get overwhelmed by pain or fear. The number of ways you can be attached to your soulmates is nearly endless.

A while ago I’d written a post about friendship titled ‘*Terms & Conditions Don’t Apply’. I got a lot of emotional calls, messages and even in-person hugs from many who understood exactly what I meant in my post. During some of my conversations with friends we happened to discuss intensely about soulmates. I’m deliberately using the plural form here because I honestly believe it is almost impossible to have a single one.

Soulmate Quote

Soulmates are like a mirror image of you. Imagine walking out of your body and observing yourself for a whole day or month from a third person’s perspective. Your best friends may or may not be your soulmates. Your spouse/partner may not necessarily be your soulmate. But your soulmates are definitely the best friends you’ll ever possess. It’s hard to distinguish but give it a calm thought and maybe you’ll figure it out.

All of us come across a sea of people every day but it’s hard to spot a soulmate. More often than not it’s purely intuition based…a bit like falling in love…you can’t plan it. Often people confuse soulmates being romantically involved, which is plain ludicrous. Your soulmates could be men, women, transgenders or from another species altogether.

So, go out into the big bad world full of positivity and have faith. Sooner or later you will bump into your soulmates. They may be people you’ve known all your life or someone you met fleetingly. And once you’re sure, don’t let go.


4 thoughts on “Soulmate Spotlight

    • @Shailesh: I found my first one while studying B.Com. at Symbiosis, one while studying Liberal Arts at Symbiosis, one at a friend’s wedding, one at a Pune Eat Outs meet and one at Seagull Advertising. And I’m sure that there will be more somewhere in the world. 🙂


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